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4 Useful Ways to Make the Most of Pinterest in College

Pinterest is an app beloved by many because it offers anything and everything anyone would need to live an aesthetically pleasing life. There are recipes, outfit ideas, seasonal DIYs, and so much more. For me, Pinterest is a place for creativity and brainstorming.

If I need a new meal to cook, I will look at Pinterest. If I need an outfit for a specific event, I will look at Pinterest. Even if I need inspiration on how to carve a pumpkin, I will look at Pinterest. Although the app provides an abundance of helpful ideas, it can become overwhelming with the amount of content on the app. I have chosen four ways I use Pinterest to my advantage that help me make the most out of the app.

1. Create a Different Board for Each Topic

Whenever I am scrolling on Pinterest, I find so many pins that I save to random boards in my profile. Then a few days later when I want to refer to that pin, I can not find it anywhere. This makes all my boards disorganized and the pins that I previously saved become lost. Luckily, there is a quick solution to this problem. Make boards that are super specific to the topic of the pin and only save pins that fit the topic to the specific board. You might have a lot of boards on your profile, but that beats urgently looking for a lost pin. Also, update your boards consistently and delete boards and pins that you do not find helpful anymore.

2. Cook a New Recipe Each Week

Another tip that I find helpful is to pick one recipe that looks attainable and make it. Pinterest is a great place to find new easy recipes that are easily overlooked. I started doing this a couple of weeks ago and have made two amazing new dishes. As college students, we are likely still learning how to cook-- or, in my case, had never cooked before-- and Pinterest has so many yummy recipes for beginners that do not take a lot of time. Pick one recipe to try per week, and soon you will know how to cook anything.

3. Find a New Pin to Recreate Each Week

Another way to make the most out of Pinterest is to find something artistic or crafty and make it. This is a good idea if you are looking for a new hobby or wanting to advance in a current hobby. For example, I love to paint, and I look for painting inspiration on Pinterest. I tend to save a lot of pins about paintings I would like to try, but I never get around to actually painting them. By choosing one pin a week to recreate, I can make the experience of trying to figure out what to paint a lot less stressful. You can choose anything to recreate, from outfits to photography and even desserts!

4. Create a "Goal Board"

Throughout college and beyond, there will be a lot of goals that you set for yourself, and Pinterest is a good place to store those goals. Create one board solely for your goals and refer to that whenever you get the chance. This board can consist of workout plans if your goal is to work out more, pictures of Italy if you want to travel there, or anything else that you want to accomplish. It helps me when I see all my goals in one location and encourages me to complete them. The board does not have to be fancy or elaborate, but an expression of what you want the next few months or years of your life to look like.


Photos by McGill Library and Dima Solomin on Unsplash

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