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Ballrooms Will Never be Empty

Time can achieve many things. It can teach you a new skill, give you a short much-needed break, and even do the impossible in college by getting some sleep. Although those all sound good, the most exciting thing time can do is evolve in the trends. Something that has changed a lot since the beginning is ballroom dancing.

What is ballroom dancing? It could be explained as social dancing between two people, although it used to be much more. It was the normal way of life and could easily decide someone's future, especially the women. Woman’s evolution in social rules has made the largest impact on the changing trend. As women gained more freedom, so did the practice of dancing. As the world grew more carefree about sexuality and social rules, people lost the restrictions of the dances of the past.

Ballroom dancing started with the waltz and minuets, although only the waltz is still here. It’s a fun dance to do today but it took a while to get there. The waltz wasn’t popular with the higher class because of how free the movements were and how close the partners stood. It grew more popular later. From there grew more types of dances. The common ones we know include the tango, rumba, and foxtrot.

The world of ballroom dance has always been large, but it is at its biggest today. When people speak of ballroom competitions, they often have a combination they need to accomplish to win. There are even specific types of each kind of the dance. There are both American and international versions.

It is quickly evolving to become a new important idea in the modern age. You can find it in movies as well as books. In both, it shows connections that are either good or bad. Movies and TV shows have gone a different path. It has had strong changes with the help of technology and social standards. Dancing with the Stars is a good example of how it has grown from the drama of a small ballroom to a fun enjoyment. What used to be hops and small touches has become slow swirls of the waltz and the quick steps of the tango.

Competitions isn’t the only place ballroom dance is seen at. Many people do it for fun by joining dance classes or even a college club. Although some people also have made a career out of it. It will always be an important activity, no matter how far in the future we are.

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