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Berry Sunset Spots

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

As the incoming freshmen adjust to campus life at Berry College, I wanted to provide a few places to go exploring. Being one of the largest campuses on earth has its perks. One of my favorite things to do on campus is to watch the sunsets. It is such a relaxing thing to do as the day winds down. This is my junior year, so I wanted to share some of the places I go and activities that I like to do there in my free time.

The Ford Buildings

The Ford Buildings are a great place to watch sunsets. There is plenty of greenery facing the long windy roads heading to Mountain campus. I like to sit in the open fields while watching the sunset. I usually set up a hammock or open a picnic blanket and do homework. However, the grass can get tall, so make sure you bring bug spray!

Victory Lake

Down the same windy road, starting up at Ford and heading towards the fork in the road towards Mountain Campus, there is this small parking lot to the right. This parking lot marks the start of the trail to Victory Lake. You can’t drive on the road because of the bridges, but the walk is not too far. Beyond the bridges, there are hiking trails that are fun to explore as well. One time, I hiked with a friend on one of these trails. By the time we made it back, the sun was setting, it was pleasant outside, and we enjoyed taking photos of the clouds reflecting on the water.

Mountain Campus

The beauty of Berry’s mountain campus is indescribable. If you have not traveled the fifteen-minute drive from the main campus to the mountain you need to do so. It is a special experience traveling up there listening to music with your windows down, with or without company. The Normandy Barns, owned by Winshape, is where I spend the most time watching Berry sunsets. There is something so spiritual about being up there and experiencing nature. When I go by myself, I like to read my Bible for worship. It is also a great spot to wind down from a long day. When I'm in the company of others, I like to have photoshoots with my friends or eat dinner and watch the sunset. I highly recommend getting a to-go box from the dining hall or picking up your favorite local food and eating it up there.

House of Dreams

I have only been to the House of Dreams once for a BCC class during my Freshmen year. However, there is so much history and beauty in Martha Berry’s house that the students built for her. I recommend giving yourself plenty of time if you are hiking, otherwise, you must have the code to drive through the gate. This is not a short hike and it is uphill. This might not be the best place to watch the sunset at night if you are not comfortable walking at night.

One thing is for certain, being a student at Berry you will find your sunset spot. Sometimes beautiful sunsets will sneak up on you while walking to the library, and other times students will watch them on mountain campus. Being able to enjoy Berry College’s natural beauty is a part of why I love this campus so much. I hope that this blog was beneficial to your bucket list of sunset spots on campus.

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