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COM Fits

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I always admire the fashion of Berry College students and what different types of outfits people put together. As a Communications major, I notice what I like to call “COM Fits.” The students in the department are very stylish. This week I decided to interview Communication students about their style and outfits. At the end of the week, I was surprised by the unique variety of styles and pieces that each student put together.

Isabel Browning

“I got everything from Goodwill except the shoes. My style is more of a soft girl that up thrifts outfits to fit my bubbly personality.”

Anna Rich

“I describe my style as a sort of dark academia strawberry shortcake character. I like darker clothes and sophisticated cuts, but I always try to have some floral pattern incorporated. T-shirt dress from ASOS and Mary Janes from Doc Marten.”

Alyssa Freyman

“I would say I usually wear vintage streetwear and minimalist pieces. I like to show off fun graphic tees (like band tees and sports) that can be used in lots of different outfits. For the outfit above, I got my Atlanta United shirt from Costco, the jeans from American Eagle, and the long-sleeved shirt from TJ Maxx.”

Nolan Scoretz

“I think everything I’m wearing except for the shoes is from Goodwill. But I wear a lot of sweaters.”

Zoe Robinson

“Modern Indie/Emo or Pop Punk.”

Amani Pyron

“I would describe it as casual with a pop of color and crocs…always.”

Mary Banks Shelander

“Casual and comfy.”

Addison Howard

“My girlfriend inspires most of it to be completely honest. Before I met her, I would just wear shorts and a t-shirt every day. I generally think fashion is way above my head and I don’t think I’m usually “stylin,” but now I try to put more effort into my fits, as they make me feel more confident. My clothes today were all gifts from my parents. Besides today’s outfit, most of my wardrobe has bears on it, though, as they’re my favorite animal.”

Rachel Siler

“I’ve never really been able to choose just one aesthetic to commit to, so my style ended up just becoming whatever was easiest and comfy. Most of my clothes are just things that caught my eye as I was passing them while shopping for something else. This sweater is from the official Taylor Swift store, and I think the boots are from Ross.”

These are just some of the “COM Fits” of the week, but there are plenty more. I learned this week that it is fun to learn more about your peers’ styles so do not be afraid to ask someone about their outfit if you like a particular piece. Each person’s style is unique. I hope you were able to gain inspiration from students that you might even have a class with.

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