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European Outdoor Spaces


Throughout my travels around Europe, more specifically in Ireland, England, France, and Scotland, one thing that sticks out to me is the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, in European cafes and pubs, there is always the option to sit outside at little tables set up along the cobblestone streets just outside of the restaurants. This is

preferred method of dining because I get to people watch and admire the gorgeous scenery as I sip my latte.

In country cottages especially there are elements of the outdoors sprinkled all around the home. In many homes, you can find a greenhouse-like glass extension usually acting as a wall in the kitchen. These glass extensions create a bond with the outdoors by allowing it to make a grand appearance within the home, but not actually opening your home completely to the elements.

Another important part of embracing the outdoors in your home, surprising take place outside of the home. Section off a space in your front, side, or backyard to add a living or dining space among the foliage. You can use outdoor furniture, rugs, and lighting pieces to create a cozy and usable environment.

You can also add simple elements of nature inside the home to capture the countryside cottage look. Floral arrangements, vines, and even indoor trees are seen in every European home. Add a hanging plant above your kitchen table or a potted tree next to your sofa. Work long vines on your door frame or around the chimney mantle. And most importantly do not forget to scatter dainty flowers in simple vases all around your home.

An in-home herb garden never hurts anyone, and it is an effortless way to add practical plant life into your space. Just make sure your plant friends get lots of natural sunlight and are watered appropriately.

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