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Five Sports Movies to Watch When You Need Motivation

Everyone has those days when they are down in the dumps and do not want to do anything. Sports movies have a way of touching our hearts and giving us motivation even when we have those bad days. Here are five movies that you can watch when you need a touch of inspiration.

1. Rocky

Rocky is one of the greatest underdog stories of all time. The movie follows the character of Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky is a boxer from Philadelphia down on his luck who is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fight for the Heavyweight Boxing Championship against the undefeated Apollo Creed. Rocky tells the story of what true grit and determination can do for a man. For those who need extra motivation, this movie has one of the greatest training montages of all time. If you watch this movie, you will be wanting to run up the

“Rocky Steps” in Philadelphia in no time.

2. Miracle

A picture of the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia <a href="">Free Stock photos by Vecteezy</a> Miracle tells the story of the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey team. Coach Herb Brooks played by Kurt Russell assembles a team of college players to play in the Olympics against professional hockey players. This team must do the impossible and beat the Soviet Union which has won four consecutive gold medals. This movie shows how a group of people can come together as a team and win against insurmountable odds. Do not watch this movie unless you want to be heavily inspired.

3. Invincible

Invincible is based on the true story of Vince Papale. When the Philadelphia Eagles hold open tryouts for the team, Vince Papale reluctantly at the urging of his friends decides to see if he has what it takes to play in the NFL. Against all odds, he makes the team and must try to stay on the team throughout training camp. This movie shows how taking a chance and betting on oneself can help a person do things that they could not have dreamed of before. Watching this movie will help you take that leap of faith for yourself in your life.

4. Rudy

Rudy is another movie based on the true story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger Jr. All of his life, Rudy has only wanted to play for the Notre Dame football team. The only problem is that he does not have the athletic gifts that many people need in order to play college football. After trying out for the team, Rudy gets his chance to be a part of it. He earns his teammates’ respect through his undeniable work ethic and gets the chance to play in the final football game of his career. This movie shows that anything is achievable through hard work and persistence. You will want to get out of bed and work hard to achieve your own goals after watching this movie.

5. The Blind Side

The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher, a homeless teenage African American, who is taken into the care of the Tuohys. Michael manages to get accepted into a private high school and starts playing football. He gets multiple scholarships to play college football but must get his grades up in order to attend. This movie showcases how, when given the opportunity, someone can rise above their bad luck in life and be able to take full advantage. The Blind Side will manage to make you cry and give yourself a little perspective on your own life. Then, you will want to take full advantage of the opportunities given in your life.

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