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Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids

The time is here. The Halloween season countdown has begun. As children, Halloween used to be one of the best times of the year, but as people grow up it becomes a busy time especially for college students. That doesn’t mean college students should give up on the traditions.

There are many Halloween traditions that have been around for a while but have you done any since you were young? There are 5 main activities that can easily be done to keep the holiday spirit up even through the ups and downs of school. Berry does well with this but some traditions can be personally done by students.

1. Decorating

A dorm room may be small but it doesn’t make it unpersonable, especially if you love halloween. With a few string lights and fake pumpkins, it can give it an exciting feel.

2. Trick or Treating

Trick or treating is typically the first activity thought about when halloween comes up, but it doesn’t have to be only for kids. Some dorms on campus are already planning to have their own trick or treating. If you are lucky, then you might just be able to participate.

3. Haunted Tour or House

Although Berry might not have Netherworld, they do have a haunted trail for those who enjoy a scare. Scary Berry, an annual haunted trail ride, will take place soon when it is closer to halloween. There is also Oak Hill’s haunted history tour with times starting on the twenty-first of this month. If you have ever wondered about the ghosts of Berry, it’s the perfect time to learn.

4. A party

I don’t mean the typical party that most college movies show. I mean the parties that include horror movies, spooky treats and games. It’s a simple and fun thing to do on a weekend night at Berry. So gather a friend or a few to chill out, buy candy, or even dress up.

5. Carve a pumpkin

This is possibly the easiest one. Maybe you’ll have already done it if you went home for the weekend, but you can also have another chance here. There can always be a pumpkin patch found around this time of the month and with other people it could even become a fun little competition.

There are many more things people can do to have fun during the month of October, but I hope this list gives you some ideas. Halloween may be a holiday known for being for kids, but even college students can enjoy it.

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