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How to Stay Afloat in College

College is impossible to completely prepare for. It takes time and effort to get used to the new workload. Luckily, there are many ways to help you drift through college, instead of drowning. No student’s struggles are the same. Although some particular ones have become more known, like mental health which can affect one’s ability to deal with stress or too many plans.

However, not all students struggle with how busy a day can be. People can deal with issues that range from time management to just remembering what their exams are coming up. Hopefully, this list can offer a few ways to bring order to the chaos of every day.

1. Whiteboard Calendar

Whiteboards don’t have to be used solely for studying purposes. They can also be used as a makeshift day planner. If none of the already existing boards suit you, you can always make one with a few lines and the hours of the day written in. It’s a perfect option for making life easier and can quickly be changed by just erasing one schedule and replacing it with another.

2. Desk Calendar

You should never forget about a normal calendar. Although they are often found hanging when walls, they can still go on one's desk. It’s an easy and noticeable solution to place in the middle of your workspace that can keep track of personal goals or important events coming up.

3. Individual Academic Consult

Dorm rooms aren’t the only place where you can keep a daily schedule. The Commons, located in the library, can also supply fill-in schedules sheets that plan out your semester’s meal times, work hours, classes, and even free times. By scheduling an individual academic consultation, you can get assistance in creating your perfect semester schedule that will improve your time management skills drastically.

4. An Organized Planner

A planner will always be the easiest and most convenient method. With just the use of colored pens and specific symbols used on a month summary page, you can have a well-organized calendar to keep track of the current month’s necessary meetings and fun events you planned to go to.

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