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Lessons Learned From Freshman Year

What do you want to do with your life? Even past childhood, the question still plagues us as young adults. For some, the answer might have fluctuated a few times, while others have kept it the same. Maybe it’s just starting to fluctuate now.

Unfortunately, this might be only one of your college concerns. I have a few lessons that I have learned since coming to college that will hopefully help you as well.

1. You don’t need any permanent plans yet.

In high school, people put so much stress on what we should do and what we need to do to achieve it. I had come into college sure that I would be an animal science major but changes happened that caused me to see something I would enjoy much more. I’m sure many students are feeling this now as the first semester draws to a close. One piece of advice I have heard from both teachers and fellow students here at Berry College is that plans change, especially as you explore what you enjoy through classes.

2. College is far different from high school.

A common phrase is, “enjoy college because it’ll be the time of your life,” which is more complicated than I thought it was before. Although the phrase isn’t wrong, the words aren’t completely correct either. With the addition of more freedom to learn who you are, there also comes the work. It’s a hard balance but with it will come the college experience people talk about.

3. Study methods need to change.

The workload in college is hard. Classes that might help or hurt our future are part of the extra responsibility that growing up gives us. That’s not to say that all classes determine our life after college but they have become a much larger importance now. People who used to have study systems that worked might not work now. Luckily when you find the right new system, you can make all the grades you want.

4. Asking for guidance is the key to success.

As a part of the freshman class, I understand how confusing college can be. Even for some upperclassmen, I’m sure it’s still a struggle. The solution for it is asking for help. Some people struggle with this but going to student hours or talking to a fellow classmate can help you with success.

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