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Struggling with Creativity

As a communications major, I constantly have assignments that I need to be super creative for. Although I enjoy these types of assignments, I find it difficult to constantly think of new and exciting ideas. Being creative can be a difficult task and may not come easy to some people. However, there are ways to detox your brain and bring creativity back to life.

1. Put down the technology

I sometimes find myself getting lost in social media and scrolling through Pinterest that I lose sight of what I am trying to accomplish creatively.

Pinterest can be a good place for creative inspiration but spending time away from technology will allow your brain to flourish. Without the distraction of screen, you have the freedom to dig deep into your mind and produce some creative ideas.

2. Distract your brain

Taking your mind off the task at hand can be an effective way to improve creativity. I am most creative when I am not trying to be. It is important to remember that creativity cannot be forced so do not try to force it. Instead do something else to distract your brain from the creative task such as taking a walk, painting, drawing, and spending time with friends.

3. Find new sources of inspiration

Inspiration can be grabbed from many different places and things such as a magazine, outdoor park, someone’s Instagram feed, etc. If you’re always sticking with the same place to get inspiration, it might be time to switch it up and find a new medium. Creativity is thought of as investing in something brand new, but that is not the case. Creativity can be taking inspiration from one source and changing it to make it your own.

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

People often do not release their ideas or try something different because they think they will just fail. Failing is not a bad thing though and should not be something we are afraid of. Failure is a part of the process of being creative. To get over the fear of failure, try jotting down any idea you have no matter how “wrong” you think it might be. You can then go from there and expand upon the idea until something concrete comes from it.

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