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Summer Travel Destinations to Daydream About

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

As summertime gets closer, our brains as college students are turning to mush while we anticipate the end of semester papers and projects, finals, and finally summer break. Oftentimes, the best way to give yourself a break from the present is to think about the future, and what could be better than planning a vacation. Give your brain a break from the seemingly never-ending grind of schoolwork by considering two destinations to plan a vacation to. These Southeastern destinations are not included in the normal lists of cities college students should visit. These cities will give you and your friends some awesome memories but don’t require more than a day’s drive from Atlanta.

St. Augustine, Fl. - 6 hours from Atlanta

If you are looking for a road trip where you can see beautiful beaches and a lot of history, then St. Augustine is perfect for you. Settled by Spanish explorers in 1565, you can explore one of the oldest cities in the country through a tour at the Castillo de San Marcos, the famous fort that holds the history of some of the first European settlers. Famous for its architecture, the city offers beautiful buildings built in the Spanish and Venetian Renaissance and the Gilded Age styles.

Some other popular attractions include The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, The Potter’s Wax Museum, and numerous ghost tours. If you are looking for more beach activities, Anastasia State Park holds 1,600 acres of untouched shoreline and marsh, making it the perfect place for hiking, swimming, and walking.

You can also explore Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center, the Fort Mose Historic State Park, and ACCORD Civil Rights Museum & Freedom Trail if you would like to explore more about Black history and the influence of the Black community on the earliest moments of American history.

Greenville, Sc. - 2.5 hours from Atlanta.

Found in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is the perfect balance between access to outdoor activities and all of the amenities of a smaller city. Nature lovers can easily drive for hiking and camping to Chimney Rock, Table Rock, and Caesar’s Head State Park. For those who would like to stay closer to town, there are TONS of trendy restaurants, bookstores, breweries, and coffee shops. My personal recommendation is Coffee Underground, a shop on West Stone Avenue with weekly live music, poetry, improv, and comedy routines. One of the most unique features about Greenville is the Reedy River that runs right through the center of downtown. The Swamp Rabbit Trail runs along the river for 22 miles all the way to Travelers Rest, making the trail perfect for a long bike-ride.

If you go on a Saturday, you may get to experience the Saturday Market, where the Main Street of downtown is closed down for booths which sell farm fresh vegetables, baked goods, and more!

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