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The Truth Behind Astrology

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Astrology may be trending on TikTok right now, but it’s nothing new. In fact, the Babylonians were some of the first people to study it nearly 4,000 years ago. Many civilizations after them followed in their footsteps, including the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who named the zodiac signs. But how did an ancient practice evolve into what it is today?

In the late 20th century, newspapers and magazines began to publish daily horoscopes that claimed to guide individuals depending on their star sign and even predict their futures. What once appeared simple is now more complex. Many discuss their sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as the planets in certain zodiacs, houses, and aspects. If you are completely clueless about what any of these terms mean or why you should care, enjoy this simple guide to astrology and how it should (or should not) guide your life.


First are what’s known as the “big three” of astrology: the Sun, Moon, and rising signs. Your Sun (or star) sign is the easiest to find out, as it is based on the position of the Sun on the day you were born. It is the one sign most people are familiar with. The Virgo season takes place starting on August 22nd and ending September 22nd. I am a Virgo myself, because I was born on September 10th. According to astrology, this is the most predominant type of sign and the one that shapes your personality the most. Your Sun sign is supposed to represent your conscious mind and creative life force.


Your Moon sign represents what position the Moon was in when you were born and emotional reactions. Furthermore, it shows how a person expresses themselves when they feel most comfortable. For example, I am an Aquarius Moon, meaning I have some reactive traits typical of an Aquarius Sun.


Your rising (or ascending) sign represents which zodiac is rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. It is said to influence how you are perceived by others and how you perceive life.


The moment you were born, the planets were positioned in certain zodiacs, and these planets each rule over certain signs as well. Namely, Mars was positioned in Leo when I was born, making me a Leo Mars, but it is Mercury that rules over Virgo. The planets supposedly influence certain aspects of your character, with Mercury for communication; Venus for value and sentiment; Mars for ambition, aggression, and survival; Jupiter for morality, gratitude, hope, and honor; Saturn for restriction and limitation; Uranus for innovation and discovery; Neptune for inspiration and dreams; and Pluto for endings, new beginnings, and transformations.


This signifies which areas in the sky the zodiacs occupied at your birth. The first house is known as your rising sign, but there are also 11 other houses, each one affecting a different part of your personality; the second house depicts self-worth and money; the third house portrays communication; the fourth house represents family, home, and security; the fifth house symbolizes self-expression, creativity, pleasure, and romance; the sixth house denotes work and health; the seventh house depicts partnership and marriage; the eighth house designates transformation and sexuality; the ninth house portrays belief systems and higher learning; the tenth house represents career, responsibility, and reputation; the eleventh house symbolizes aspirations, personal goals, and groups; and the twelfth house embodies soul growth, privacy, and secrets.


These represent the angles planets make toward one another and what effect those relationships can have on a person. There are five kinds of aspects: Conjunction for united relationship; Sextile for natural relationship; Square for tense relationship; Trine for supportive relationship; and Opposition for conflicted relationship.


Whether you believe in astrology or not, you should not let it rule over your life. There are no good signs or bad signs, so do not let it prevent you from forming relationships with certain people. However, if you want to discover your own astrological chart to learn more about yourself, or just for fun, check out

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