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Bella Ardell: The Newest Cheap Stress Relief

Does school bring you stress? Do you want to release some of it? Have you ever gone to a rage room? Everyone who has gone to one or has thought about it knows how expensive they can be. Lucky for you, you can make your own.


Near the beginning of this school year, my friends and I did this, and you can too by following the guide below:



1.     Objects to break- glass, mugs, fans, cans, kids’ toys, kitchen supplies...

2.    A tool to break the objects- either by hand or bat or both

3.    A large tarp and plastic trash bags

4.    Plastic bags- from a store

5.    A plate for each person and sharpies



1.     Gather supplies- You can either use personal supplies or buy cheap objects from places like goodwill. Same for the plates and the tool that's needed to break the objects, you can either use your own pre-owned ones or buy new ones.

2.    Set up- The best place to do this is outside, specifically on hard ground like concrete so you can damage the objects. Place the tarp down and put the plastic bags beside it for future use.

3.    Plate first- The plate creates a symbolic start as it is the first part. It is special because with the sharpie, you write down all the things in your life that are stressing you out or angering you. You then use two plastic bags to double cover the plate, so the pieces don’t go flying. You first throw the plate down and with your tool, you continue to crack it further.

4.    Objects- You go to the other objects next, either hitting them or throwing them down on the tarp. In order to keep safe, you can place the larger glass objects in garbage bags to ensure the glass doesn’t go flying.

5.    Clean up- Pick up all the trash bags and put them into an empty trash bag. Pick up the tarp and pour the stray glass/pieces into the same trash bag. Throw away the whole bag.



1.     Prevent a big clean up- Use a tarp to ensure you have a speedy clean up. Use hard metal/plastic supplies like an easy bake oven or a microwave as they create less of a mess but also take a while to break.

2.    Do it with friends- It's both more fun and easier to clean up.  

3.    Add music- Make it feel like a party or do it in order to get into the right mood.

4.    Keep stray parts as a souvenir- Remember the memory by keeping parts of the plate or part of a figurine.  

5.    Be prepared to be hurt and tired the next day- Depending on how aggressive you are, your body might hurt, or your hands could get scratched up.

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